What got me into the paranormal…… When I was a kid, at my mothers house I saw an apparition of my deceased grandmother. I knew her only from pictures as she passed when I was very young. Other odd things would happen in the house. Mostly it was noises or I thought I would see things. Oddly tho these things never really caused me to feel afraid, certainly I has no reason to be afraid of gramma. I guess these things are why I have such an interest in the paranormal.


My moms house is old, built shortly after the civil war it was the family farm and homestead, it was a gathering place for many people and has four generations of family history attached to it. About 7 years ago I started reading about the work people were doing in the paranormal, and it intrigued me. I spent a lot of time reading, read any book on the subject that I could get my hands on.


Then I decided to get a recorder and try doing evp work at my moms house. I cant describe the feeling I got the first time I thought I heard something on a recording. Over time I got more and better equipment, a better computer and special sound studio software to work with the recordings. Moms house has turned out to be a gold mine for me. I have gotten, o, about 100 evps there. I am at the point where we are having back and forth conversations, I ask questions, process the recordings, they answer, which just leads me to more questions, so on it goes to this day. A few of the relatives and people have actually identified themselves so we know who we are speaking with. One of the few video related captures I have ever had was also at the moms.  Some people in the field have told me that it is one of the best orb videos that they have ever seen.


Now, in addition to my favorite places, I do things by word of mouth as most of the people at work and friends know what I do so they direct people to me. Over the years I have perfected the way I do things and it has seemed to work very well for me.


It is fair to say that I do not do things the same way as you see on many of the television shows, and, as i have mentioned, I consider myself to be a specialist in EVP work. I have all the gadgets you see on tv and night vision video equipment, but they rarely provide any benefit to me. I do however have an excellent system for recording EVP's, designed and thought out by myself.


I prefer to keep a small team of usually myself and one other person of mine at any investigation in addition to one of the home or property owners. My reason for doing that is very important, and it is one of the ways in which I differ from the tv shows. Experience has taught me that there are many similarities between life and death. If you want to learn more about this, click the continue button or you can go back to the home page.


Thats my story.